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An Impressive Offer In Compromise Success Rate

Nationally, individuals’ and business’ efforts to negotiate offer in compromise arrangements with the IRS are successful in approximately 15 percent of cases. If you face a tax liability that you cannot pay, it doesn’t make sense to accept these odds.

Instead of dealing with the IRS on your own, speak with Levins Tax Law. Our offer in compromise success rate is higher than 90 percent.

How We Can Help You

The term “offer in compromise” refers to a settlement in which a tax debt is reduced. We take numerous steps to ensure our negotiations for your offer in compromise are successful.

  • The IRS will need your financial information. We gather your information, and then complete IRS forms based on our experience and knowledge of the IRS rules and procedures.
  • The IRS may believe you purposely failed to disclose income or assets, or purposely conveyed property in a fraudulent manner. We can explain the real reason that the error was made. Perhaps you simply forgot to disclose information, or you believed that a conveyance or another action was entirely legal.
  • We can handle the process efficiently and correctly. For instance, all offers in compromise are initially processed in two IRS locations — Holtsville, New York, and Memphis, Tennessee. By preparing a complete and professional package, including your documents and detailed analysis as to why it is in the best interest of the IRS to accept your offer in compromise, we increase the chances of a successful resolution.

Once the IRS accepts an offer in compromise, the debtor usually has several options as to paying off the settlement interest free.

Offer in compromise is one of the biggest practice areas of our firm, and tax lawyer Gerard J. Levins brings over four decades of experience and expertise to your tax controversy and tax dispute, including years as a former IRS agent.

Tax Experience At Your Disposal

To discuss your tax issue in detail with an attorney who was a former CPA and former IRS agent, email or call 866-485-7019. We are available during evening and weekend hours, and we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Our office in Framingham is minutes away from the Massachusetts Turnpike. And we also have an office in Boston.