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Knowledgeable Attorney Regarding Federal Income Tax Collection

You may be familiar with how insurance agents work to quickly negotiate a low-ball insurance resolution in the days following an accident. You may also be familiar with how police use carefully selected legal information to intimidate the accused into confessions following an arrest.

Likewise, IRS revenue agents are trained to use laws against you and to keep you unnerved during meetings. Whether or not you violated a tax law or regulation, dealing with tax collection employees from the IRS can be a frightening experience.

If you face an IRS tax collection dispute with the IRS, contact an IRS tax collection attorney at Levins Tax Law. Firm founder Gerard J. Levins is a former IRS agent. He knows exactly how IRS agents assigned to your case will likely handle it, and can defend your rights based on this experience, expertise, knowledge and:

  • His aggressive representation of hundreds of tax controversies and tax law disputes — including offshore tax matters — as an attorney
  • His background as a former CPA and holder of a master’s degree in taxation

Know Your Rights

IRS agents know what they can do legally. They also know what they cannot do, but they won’t mention that when speaking and negotiating with you.

As a former IRS agent, tax attorney Levins can investigate your case and work to negotiate a compromise. Attorney Levins has a long track record of successfully resolving IRS tax controversies and tax disputes with doctors, lawyers, business owners, wage earners and others.

Working Effectively To Resolve Your IRS Dispute

Are you a taxpayer who owes back taxes? Have you not paid your full taxes? Are you a business owner who didn’t turn over your full employment payroll taxes?

We have worked with hundreds of clients whose bank accounts have been seized and whose wages have been garnished following issues as simple as procrastinating and failing in the opening of IRS mailed correspondence.

We can arrange for a power of attorney, contact the IRS and obtain tax transcripts, then prepare collection information statements using financial statements (forms 433-A and 433-B) to document your assets and liabilities and average monthly income and expenses. By determining your ability to pay on a current basis, we can work effectively to achieve your best-possible resolution.

Get Advice From A Tax Lawyer With More Than Four Decades Of Experience

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