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Tax Liens

Key things to know about tax liens

  For many small businesses, debt is an inevitable part of operations. Not many people have the capital to make purchases in cash or pay their bills simultaneously. However, accumulated debt and unpaid taxes can have a devastating outcome for a business of any...

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What is a tax lien in Framingham, MA?

If you do not pay your Commonwealth taxes, the collector will file a Notice of Massachusetts Tax Lien against all of your real and personal property. This may prevent the sale or transfer of the property and it might potentially harm your credit score. How do tax...

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Understanding tax liens: types of tax liens

A tax lien is a lawful declaration on an individual's property or a business. If you owe taxes, a lien could be placed on your property to stand in as a guarantee that you will pay back the owed amount. Let's explore the different categories of tax liens. Property tax...

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Don’t sweep tax liens under the rug

A federal tax lien is the government's legal claim against a property when the tax debt is not paid.  If the tax lien is not taken care of, a tax levy could come next.  This means the property could be taken away in the form of wage garnishments, bank accounts...

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