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Tax Evasion

What constitutes criminal tax evasion?

  Tax evasion is more complicated than forgetting to file a tax return. The common theme in criminal tax evasion is a willfulness to avoid assessment of a tax or actions taken to purposely evade the payment of taxes. I.R.C. § 7201 - Attempt to evade or defeat...

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Frivolous tax returns

Most people dread the thought of filing their taxes. It's an arduous task that often takes hours to complete, and it can be pretty stressful when you're not sure if you were able to get everything right. Not to mention, if you're not careful, it can be easy to make...

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Taxes—are you evading or avoiding?

  The U.S. tax code is a federal document comprised of a collection of tax laws regulating how Americans must pay their taxes. Within these laws are provisions taxpayers can use to lower their tax burden legally. Taxpayers who attempt to reduce their tax burden...

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Tax evasion: consequences and actions

Payment of taxes is an important civic duty of every citizen who has a source of income. The obligation to collect taxes vests in the revered hands of Internal Revenue Services (IRS). Failure to remit all the taxes that are due to IRS can be considered as tax evasion,...

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Failure to declare taxable incomes

Tax crimes include activities ranging from simple omissions like failure to keep tax records to complex acts like deliberate failure to file tax returns and declare taxable incomes. Failure to declare taxable income is an offense that can have serious consequences,...

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