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6 types of errors that may occur if a tax preparer files your tax returns

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2021 | Internal Revenue Service

Some taxpayers seek the services of third parties to file their returns. However, sometimes these third parties may make mistakes while filing such taxes. If someone else files your taxes and makes mistakes, you can be liable for such errors or omissions. These errors can lead to a series of issues if not resolved immediately.

Some common tax filing mistakes include:

Errors in dates

Several errors may occur due to an incorrect date on the return form. If you do not catch this mistake and a tax preparer uses incorrect information, this can cause a rejection of filing.

Errors in names

Some errors occur when an incorrect name is used on the tax returns. Errors can occur if a third party fails to enter a middle name or enters a different spelling of the same name.

Entry of incorrect amounts

Another mistake can occur if incorrect taxes owed are entered. The tax preparer may not have been diligent enough when making the entries to ensure accuracy. While this may seem like an innocuous mistake, the IRS may impose penalties if the taxes paid are below your tax liabilities.

Duplicate filing

This error occurs if the third party files your taxes twice due to a misunderstanding of the process. This error is also known as a duplicate filing.

Errors in filing status

If you are claiming yourself as head of the household, but a third-party tax preparer files it under single or married filing separately, an error occurs. As your tax situation is inconsistent with what has been stated on the return form, the IRS will reject your return.

Taxes not filed

Sometimes tax preparers can fail to file your tax returns. When a situation like this occurs, the IRS may view this as tax evasion. As individuals are duty-bound to pay their taxes, the taxpayer would be liable for such errors.

There are numerous errors that tax preparers may commit. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep accurate records and files should there be an inquiry from the IRS. As a taxpayer, you have a right to lodge a complaint against a tax preparer if they make deliberate or negligent errors on your tax returns.



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