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That tax lien could keep you from a better financial position

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Tax Liens

It would probably be safe to say that no Massachusetts resident wants to owe money to the IRS. A person’s life can quickly become difficult with all of the power the agency has to deal with past due taxes. For instance, a tax lien can easily keep people who owe back taxes from working toward a better financial position.

If you own a home, you may be looking to refinance right now due to money constraints brought about by current events. If the IRS has an active tax lien on the home, your lender may not be quite as amiable about refinancing. Mortgage loan lenders generally like to know they are first in line when it comes to liens on the property.

If you are a business owner having a difficult time right now, you may also want to find better financial footing, but you may not be able to due to a federal tax lien. It is also nearly impossible to sell a home or business under these circumstances until the lien is dealt with in a way that satisfies the IRS. Fortunately, the agency may be willing to move further down the line when it comes to payment as long as its interests remain intact.

If you are a Massachusetts resident in one or both of these positions, you could approach the IRS to address the tax lien. It would take the appropriate evidence and arguments to get the agency to see the situation your way, but it is not impossible. The chances of success would probably increase dramatically with the help of an experienced tax attorney at your side.


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