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Did the IRS fail to make important information clear?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Internal Revenue Service

With everything going on across the country and here in Massachusetts, information comes fast and furiously. While many people are glad to get updates on certain things as timely as possible, it is easy to miss small but important pieces of information they need. For instance, some people may have missed a vital piece of information from the IRS regarding the filing of their 2019 tax returns and the refund they expect.

Back on April 9, the IRS reminded taxpayers who have not yet filed that it would be preferable for them to do so electronically. In fact, this method has become so popular that the data indicates seven of every eight taxpayers file their returns online. However, the piece of information that the one of every eight taxpayers who sends in paper returns may have missed is the status of their refunds.

Right now, the nation’s taxing authority has suspended the processing of paper income tax filings. Anyone expecting a refund who filed this way could end up waiting for some time before receiving a refund. This is unfortunate since most people need all of the money they can get their hands on right now, and having to wait could put further stress on people’s finances.

Is there anything Massachusetts residents can do about this situation? If an individual already sent in a paper return, there is nothing to do. However, if an individual is taking advantage of the extended filing date of July 15, there is still time to submit a return electronically instead of through the mail, especially for those expecting a refund from the IRS.


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