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The IRS may start knocking on doors

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Tax Crimes

Millions of Americans, including most Boston residents, diligently file their tax returns every year whether they will have to pay or will receive a refund. Then there are taxpayers who fail to timely file their returns and do not pay their taxes. For this reason, the IRS may begin doing something it warns people it never does — show up at people’s doors.

One of the first things the IRS will tell people when it comes to tax scams is that the agency will never simply show up at a person’s door. Instead, contact will be made by mail first. Even though that will still happen, after a certain point, the agency may pursue measures that are more aggressive, such as home visits.

However, the agency is instituting a new initiative to track down people who make $100,000 or more a year in income, do not file their tax returns as required, and are not meeting their payment obligations. IRS agents assigned these cases will not give affected taxpayers any warning they are coming. The agency feels that this could help these individuals understand the urgency of the visit. Of course, anyone receiving such a knock on the door should feel free to ask for identification, which all legitimate revenue officers carry.

It should be noted that these surprise visits will not afford individuals the opportunity to speak with an attorney before answering the door. Boston residents who receive a personal visit from the IRS may want to listen more than speak. They need to remember they have rights and may want to contact an attorney before engaging in any substantive conversation with a revenue officer.


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