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Some in Massachusetts could file tax refund claims with the IRS

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Tax Controversies

It is not surprising that many Massachusetts residents feel as though the IRS was not fair with them. Some of them are obligated to pay large tax bills with no avenue for relief other than working out a payment plan or some other agreement with the agency. However, others could have valid tax refund claims if the circumstances are right.

Many Massachusetts residents have financial obligations that they may not be able to pay such as past due child support, alimony or state or federal taxes, along with other federal debts like student loans. When a married couple files a joint tax return expecting to receive a refund, they could be in for a surprise. The government may seize that refund in order to satisfy those debts.

Are both parties simply to accept the situation? The spouse who does not owe the debt may not have to do so. It may be possible to petition the IRS for the return of a portion of the refund. He or she can fight for the return of some of the money. There are time limitations to seek the return of a portion of one or more refunds seized for the payment of a spouse’s debt.

The IRS may make it appear simple to file tax refund claims, but the process can get complex. If nothing else, the injured spouse could take steps to determine what portion of the refund he or she ought to receive. Most people are under the impression that the IRS does not make mistakes, but that simply is not the case, so another opinion could prove useful.


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