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The IRS wants to set the record straight for taxpayers

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Internal Revenue Service

During tax season, Massachusetts residents often hear rumors regarding how to save money on taxes, whether they will end up paying more for one reason or another, and more. Now, with the changes in the tax laws and the questions regarding the government shutdown, people have even more questions and need direct answers instead of rumors. Even though the shutdown ended, at least temporarily, people may still wonder whether IRS operations will proceed as normal.

The first rumor the IRS wanted to address was the question regarding whether those due a refund would receive them. Massachusetts residents owed a refund will receive it. Even with the changes in the law and the shutdown, those payments will go out.

At the worst, those recipients could experience a delay. There is one caveat, however. Those who filed prior to Feb. 15 and claimed either the Additional Child Tax Credit or the Earned Income Tax Credit could experience a delay as the IRS confirms eligibility for these credits.

The IRS also encourages taxpayers to make use of the agency’s website in order to find information regarding a refund. Even if someone calls, an agent cannot help unless the return was filed at least 21 days prior to the call, or longer if the return was mailed into the agency. The IRS also wants people to know that if they receive an unsolicited email, phone call or text supposedly from the agency, it may be a scam. Ordinarily, communications originate through the mail.

Most people would consider the above to be fairly standard IRS operations, especially considering the challenges of this tax year. Actually, it is those challenges that may prompt many taxpayers to turn to someone for help in making sure that their tax returns are correct. In these cases, the services of a tax law attorney could prove invaluable.


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