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You may need to file an audit reconsideration request

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Tax Controversies

Have you moved to Boston or to another location here in the city recently? Did that move prevent you from knowing that the IRS send you communications regarding an audit, so you failed to appear for it? Perhaps you did attend, but now have new information to provide the agency that could potentially change the outcome. You may be able to file for an audit reconsideration request.

Several different scenarios could provide you with an affirmative response to your request. For instance, the agency may re-evaluate its decision if the new information you provide changes the outcome. It may also do so if an assessment resulted from the IRS filing a tax return on your account, but you later filed your return, and the tax is correct on your return.

Computers are not always right, especially since they rely on humans to input data correctly. If a mistake occurred, the amount of the assessment could change. These are just some of the scenarios under which you could receive an abatement of the tax assessment.

The key is to make sure that everything is done correctly so you do not end up paying an excessive amount of tax. Since you may only get one shot at an audit reconsideration request, you would more than likely find it beneficial to work with a Boston attorney experienced in these types of tax matters. Depending on what happens, you may have other options available to you that you would not otherwise know about if you did not have a legal advocate at your side throughout the process.


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