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Extended filers: Watch out for mistakes

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Internal Revenue Service

Not everyone filed their federal income taxes back in April. For example, you may be among the many individuals who requested an extension. For individuals who filed for an extension, an important deadline is coming up in a little under three months. This is the extended tax filing deadline. This year, this deadline is Oct. 15.

Extended filers who fail to file their taxes by this deadline can face penalties. So, for many extended filers, we are entering the time of year when they are heavily focused on getting their taxes ready so they can meet this deadline.

When getting taxes ready for the extended filing deadline, it is very important to avoid errors. Making mistakes on tax forms can expose extended filers to all sorts of complications that could create stress for them and hurt their pocketbook in the long run. Here are examples of common tax filing mistakes it can be important to watch out for and steer clear of:

  • Deduction mistakes
  • Credit mistakes
  • Math errors
  • Failing to sign the forms
  • Mistakes in identification information (such as name misspellings or social security number mistakes)
  • Bank account number mistakes

When mistakes on their tax forms or other factors lead to extended filers here in Massachusetts facing difficulties with the Internal Revenue Service, it can be critical for them to understand what they can do to protect their financial interests and overall well-being in the face of these complications. Experienced tax attorneys can advise such taxpayers on what approach might work best for their situation.


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