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Three ways an attorney can help with tax audits

On Behalf of | May 23, 2018 | Internal Revenue Service

For many small businesses, getting their state and federal tax returns filed before the filing deadline is a feat in itself. But for an unfortunate chosen few, the task with taxes is not over just yet. These businesses, when they are chosen for an audit, may have to experience a new gauntlet that could threaten the future of their enterprise.

However, an experienced tax attorney can make the process easier if your business is selected for an audit. This post will identify three reasons why.

Preparation is the key – It is critical to have your documents together to tell your story, and why the IRS is incorrect in its position. To do this, an experienced tax law attorney can help you gather these documents and help you understand what is necessary to properly prepare for the audit.

Understanding the letter – Businesses get into trouble with the IRS when they don’t read the audit letter carefully. They also put themselves at a significant disadvantage when they ignore communications from the IRS. A seasoned tax lawyer can help you make sense of the letter so that a prompt and proper response can be made.

Attending the audit – A key in the success of an audit comes from giving the IRS the information they request…and nothing more. An experienced attorney can represent you by answering questions directly or by preparing you an auditor’s interview. After all, emotional responses can be the product of manufactured responses that often lead to adverse results.

The preceding is not legal advice.


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