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Can a tax debt relief company actually help you?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Tax Controversies

You may hear the radio advertisements for tax relief companies that can alleviate your burdens after you make a phone call to engage their services. Indeed, different tax relief companies have different strategies depending on the client and situation. But the better questions are: can such a company really help me and which one should I choose?

Before deciding on who to trust with your tax issue, keep in mind that the most effective relief agencies have experienced tax attorneys who represent individuals and businesses, much like our firm. So an essential choice must be a law firm (like ours) or a company that has a skilled tax lawyer.

As for businesses and individuals who can benefit from tax relief strategies, they include the following:

Those with federal tax liens or levies – When the government places a lien on a particular asset, it has the option of foreclosing on the lien and actually seizing the property.

Businesses with back payroll taxes – A business in this situation may need help to meet their tax obligations while trying to stay solvent.

Innocent spouses – Spouses who have filed joint tax returns and may be liable simply through association may need help in avoiding hefty penalties and fines assessed through no fault of their own.

Those with garnished wages – The federal government has the power take money from people’s paychecks. When this happens, a tax relief company can help individuals having problems meeting other obligations created by a wage garnishment.

The preceding is not legal advice. If you have questions about your tax situation, an experienced attorney can advise you.


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