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Dealing with federal tax liens

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2014 | Tax Liens

There are many different actions the federal government can take against a person in relation to a tax debt. Sometimes, having back-due taxes leads to a person facing having a federal tax lien issued against their property by the federal government.

A federal tax lien can have some significant impacts. For example, it may impede a person’s ability to perform certain business or real estate transactions, such as getting a business loan, selling a business, getting a home refinanced or selling a home. Thus, a person may be very worried about their financial future when they discover they are facing a federal tax lien.

A person facing a federal tax lien may have options available to address the lien so it doesn’t end up crippling their ability to make transactions involving real estate and businesses they own. For example, sometimes, deals may be able to be reached with the Internal Revenue Service under which a tax lien is subordinated, discharged or released.

Going it alone when it comes to trying to reach a workable resolution to a tax lien issue with the IRS can be a remarkably difficult and stressful thing. The IRS can be very intimidating, lien issues can be very complicated and the stakes can be very high. Thus, individuals may find having a tax attorney help them in tax-lien-related dealings with the IRS quite preferable to trying to handle things solo.

Our firm has experience in federal tax lien matters and understands what sorts of preparations can play a big role in building a strong case to present to the IRS when it comes to efforts to reach a tax lien resolution with the IRS. We are committed to helping our clients who are facing tax lien issues find solutions to their situation that will keep their future financial goals achievable.


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