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Commissioner serving six months for fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Tax Evasion

Tax laws in Massachusetts and elsewhere can be complicated and charges of tax evasion are not unheard of. In Chicago, several politicians are currently facing corruption and tax evasion charges. Recently, a former Cook County commissioner was set to begin a six-month sentence after his conviction for corruption.

The 78-year-old commissioner attempted to stay out of jail by arguing that his appeal would take longer than he was likely to serve in prison, so he should be afforded more time to exhaust his legal remedies. However, a federal court ruled that he must begin his sentence immediately.

The commissioner was convicted based on evidence that he siphoned off $226,000 in campaign funds for his personal use. Calling it a “loan,” the commissioner noted that he paid back all of the money, but he was still convicted of tax evasion. He claimed that the conviction was retribution for refusing to cooperate in an ongoing investigation of another Chicago politician.

When it comes to tax-related issues such as fraud, evasion or liens, it is very important to have legal representation by an attorney who understands both state and federal laws and who has experience in dealing with these types of matters. A tax attorney may have special experience dealing particularly with financially-based charges and may be able to offer expertise and advise on handling these types of cases. In some instances, tax attorneys may be able to assist those who are facing significant assessments for underpayments by negotiating an agreement that will allow them to satisfy their tax obligations without additional penalties.

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