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Doctor Dino still fighting IRS over back taxes

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2013 | Tax Evasion

Massachusetts residents may wish to know that, according to sources, one of the leading creation scientists is fighting the IRS over alleged taxes owed between 1998 and 2006. Kent Hovind is one of the leading advocates of “Young Earth Creationism,” which holds that the Bible is inerrant. When read literally, the Bible allows for the earth’s age to be about 6,000 years, rather than the scientifically accepted 4.5 billion years.

Doctor Dino’s trouble with the IRS does not stem from his scientific assessment of the earth’s development. Rather, the IRS is prosecuting Hovind for tax evasion. The issues in question are both his personal tax liabilities and the payroll tax returns of his ministry employees. Hovind has been imprisoned due to the payroll tax dispute.

One of the accusations against Hovind involves structuring, which is an accounting practice that is used by individuals who wish to remain undetected by the federal government. Banks must report transactions of $10,000 or more. To avoid this reporting, some people divide payments into smaller amounts. Hovind denies both this practice and failing to pay personal income taxes, though his legal stance seems to be weakening.

Unlike Hovind, individuals who are unaccustomed to controversy may find dealing with the IRS to be unnerving and intimidating. Those who have been accused of tax evasion themselves may benefit from understanding their rights as well as the restrictions which are placed on IRS agents. A tax attorney with experience in litigating IRS disputes may be able to provide such information, in addition to presenting available options.

Source: Forbes, “Has Kent Hovind Given Up Fight Against IRS ?“, Peter J Reilly, September 28, 2013


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