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Immigrants and Tax Law

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2013 | Tax Crimes

The residents of Massachusetts may be interested to know about a case of an immigrant who portrayed himself as a priest, opened 30 accounts and interacted on Facebook to rake up more profits. This African born immigrant has decided to take an advantage of the freedom America offers. The individual filed 17 false claims to IRS and received refunds within the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He used different identities to obtain the money from the IRS, but there is no trial scheduled as of yet because he has been diagnosed as mentally incompetent. Court-appointed psychiatrist has stated that the individual is unable to make sound decisions or understand the nature of his crimes.

Suicidal intentions and hallucinations have been reported by the offender, and he is presently being treated for his ailments. The records are not disclosed for public viewing, and the individual has not been able to participate in his legal defense or focus on his crimes. He is charged with false claims, identity theft and mail fraud. The lawyer representing the offender describes him as intelligent.

The records show that the accounts were opened under the names of false religious institutions, and the funds were withdrawn before the checks bounced. The alleged amount equals to over 18,000 dollars. After repeated attempts to withdraw the funds, the offender was arrested and charged with forgery and presentation of fabricated documents. The action resulted in 75 days of jail time.

The offender filed a complaint with the Police Department for calling him a ‘fake priest”. He also filed petitions about his wife and the county judge. He is still living in USA while the federal court case is waiting to be concluded. The current immigration status cannot be disclosed due to the privacy laws. A well experienced tax law attorney is a great venue of information and legal help when facing financial issues.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Togo immigrant accused of fleecing IRS ruled mentally incompetent“, Patty Ryan, June 08, 2013


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