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Sales tax crimes alleged against Attleboro store owner

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2011 | Tax Crimes

The accusation of a tax crime requires a strong defense in Massachusetts. The first inkling of a potential problem may come with a demand for a formal tax audit, whether at the state or federal level. Other indications of trouble are when an individual may be made aware that he or she has become the subject of a tax crimes investigation.

Whatever the crime may be, it is advisable to turn to legal help before responding to tax authorities and presenting one’s case in tax court. The potential negative fallout, including social criticisms associated with the mere public notice of the alleged wrongdoing, can create stress and embarrassment for the accused individual.

A 30-year-old Carver man was scheduled to begin trial on August 15, in Suffolk County Superior Court. A co-owner of an Attleboro convenience store, he is charged with four counts of aiding and abetting the filing of false and fraudulent tax returns. The state claims he failed to pay sales tax on some $3.5 million in sales of cigarettes and tobacco products. The sales tax returns are said to have underreported tobacco product sales in the convenience store. The estimated delinquent taxes and fines that are due to the state are speculated to be more than $178,000.

The convenience store owner has opted for his right to go to trial. The prosecutor, as with any other case of claimed criminal conduct, will now be required to prove each and every element of the crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt. Meanwhile, the convenience store owner is presumed innocent, until his guilt can be proved.

While the specific result of this case remains to be seen, allegations of tax crimes can lead to complicated trials burdened with documents and paperwork for the court to consider. It is most often considered crucial for any defendant going to trial to prepare his case thoroughly in order to refute the charges made against them. A Massachusetts attorney devoted to helping people and businesses accused of tax crimes may provide some support and help plan a compelling presentation of evidence.

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