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Businessman sentenced for tax avasion

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2011 | Tax Evasion

Massachusetts tax laws are difficult to understand and often business owners are overwhelmed with the complexity of having to file taxes for their company. Filing and paying taxes is not optional and not following tax law could lead to claims of tax evasion and resulting consequences.

This was the case recently for a 60-year-old Ohio man who underreported his income for two years and did not file an income tax return for two more years. The man was a business owner who was contracted to several restaurant chains for cleaning and polishing their flooring. He was charged with the crime of tax evasion and subsequently pleaded guilty to the crime.

The businessman was sentenced to six months of house arrest and six months in federal detention for his crime. He will also be under two years of supervised release. It is suggested the man garnered some leniency from the court as his wife was battling stage 4 cancer. All told, authorities say the man committed tax evasion to the tune of nearly $200,000.

There could be many reasons why this man chose to attempt evading having to pay income tax, but regardless of reason, he was found guilty of tax evasion in a court of law. Massachusetts, like all other states, requires the filing of income tax returns each year for nearly all Americans. Anyone who is facing the potential of arraignment or has been detained for tax evasion may be well served to seek out an experienced tax attorney. They may be able to help in understanding rights and obligations under the law concerning taxation, as well as possibly help with any outstanding tax obligations.

Source: News-Herald, “Anthony Spitalieri of Wickliffe sentenced for tax evasion,” Tracey Read, Sept. 8, 2011


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