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Massachusetts firefighter charged with tax evasion

On Behalf of | May 26, 2011 | Tax Evasion

Recently, a Massachusetts firefighter was suspended after he was arrested on charges of tax evasion and fraud. He was indicted on three counts of tax evasion for the years 2007-2009. According to the indictment, he refused to file tax returns on his earnings.

The firefighter has also been accused of exploiting a family friend by using her credit card and bank accounts to pay for a number of personal items, including a new car. The Massachusetts man is currently on the Needham Board of Assessors, and it is possible he could be suspended from that position as well.

Individuals who find themselves accused of tax evasion or other fraud against the IRS could face serious penalties including prison time. You may also be facing wage garnishments or a hold on your bank account that could make it very difficult for you to maintain your lifestyle. While the law enables creditors to use reasonable methods to collect debts owed, it can also protect those who may have extreme difficulty making payments. Certain steps can be taken to create a solution that may work best for you.

Fraud accusations are very serious, and it is important to understand your rights if you are facing charges. Experienced Boston attorneys understand how complex these cases can be. There may be a simple explanation behind why taxes were not filed. You may have forgotten to open a letter from the IRS, or accidentally waited too long to file your taxes. Whatever the case, there may be a way to resolve the dispute.

Source: Needham Patch, “Firefighter Suspended Following Arrest for Tax Evasion,” Becca Manning, 09 May, 2011


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