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Though the failure to file tax returns can be very serious, the IRS is usually quite lenient once the delinquent taxpayer makes an effort to remedy the situation. Most people and businesses facing this issue can enter the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Filing Program, which allows nonfilers back into the tax system without facing a possible criminal investigation. Failure to address the nonfiling of tax returns can result in:

  • A substitute return filed by the IRS
  • Tax collection enforcement
  • Wage garnishment
  • Bank account levies
  • Civil penalties
  • Potential criminal charges

In addition to avoiding the above consequences, addressing delinquent tax returns often results in a tax refund.

If you need help regarding unfiled tax returns, contact tax lawyer Gerard J. Levins of Levins Tax Law, LLC. Attorney Levins has handled domestic and offshore tax controversies and tax dispute matters for over three decades and has offices both in the Boston Back Bay and in the town of Framingham for clients' convenience.

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The IRS often allows professionals, business owners, wage earners and others who filed late tax returns and did not fully pay their tax liabilities to make installment payments when needed.

We can gather your relevant financial information, assist you in completing IRS documents and work to negotiate and arrange a resolution that works for you and/or your business. In addition, we will consider an offer in compromise arrangement or even a bankruptcy filing to further provide tax liability resolutions. For a no-obligation, confidential consultation regarding your unfiled tax return problem, please contact our firm.

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