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Helping Taxpayers Determine "How Long Does the IRS Have to Collect Taxes?"

Understanding the time limits the IRS has to pursue unpaid taxes is both complex and crucial. If you handle your tax case strategically, you may avoid the legal need to pay thousands and even millions of dollars in taxes. A false move, though, might:

  • Alert the IRS to tax issues
  • Suspend the statute of limitations clock from running out

The best way to manage statute of limitations issues concerning the IRS is to contact an experienced tax attorney. An experienced tax attorney:

  • Can identify when all applicable statutes of limitations will run out
  • Can discuss all issues and strategies relating to taxes and statutes of limitations in strict confidence because of the attorney/client privilege. (If you work with a CPA or other professional, that person may be required to turn over sensitive information to the IRS or to testify against you in tax court controversies.)

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If you need tax help regarding the IRS and statute of limitations issues, contact tax attorney Gerard J. Levins of Levins Tax Law, LLC. Tax lawyer Levins has handled tax controversy and tax dispute matters for over three decades. Additionally, he is a former IRS agent. With offices both in the Boston Back Bay and in the town of Framingham, Levins Tax Law, LLC, provides both effective and convenient tax legal counsel and representation.

For experienced tax law legal help, contact Massachusetts IRS tax lawyer Gerard J. Levins. Call 508-435-0118 or 888-333-9501.

Navigating IRS tax liabilities and IRS statutes of limitation issues requires careful planning. If you believe you owe back taxes from seven years, for instance, it makes sense to wait to see whether the IRS discovers the issue. If it doesn't, your account balance will revert to zero after 10 years. Likewise, signing documents and requesting a hearing may suspend the statute of limitations as it runs out in 10 years.

With over 36 years of tax controversy and tax dispute experience, tax attorney Gerard J. Levins can provide the information and legal help needed to protect your rights and assets in regard to the IRS and statutes of limitation. For a no-obligation, confidential consultation regarding statutes of limitation issues, please contact our firm.

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