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Everyone makes mistakes, even the IRS. Occasionally, the IRS will mistakenly claim that a taxpayer is delinquent in paying taxes or mistakenly claim that a taxpayer owes it money.

Though the IRS is large, intimidating and truly powerful, don't assume it is right in a tax dispute and do not assume that you can't take action and present your version of the situation. By filing an appeal, you can prompt the IRS to review your case and make it prove its case against you.

If you are involved in a dispute with the IRS, contact tax attorney Gerard J. Levins of Levins Tax Law, LLC. Attorney Levins is an experienced tax lawyer and former IRS agent. In addition, he holds a master's degree in taxation and is a former CPA. Few lawyers in Massachusetts are better qualified to handle your IRS appeal.

For experienced tax appeal legal help, contact Massachusetts IRS tax appeals attorney Gerard J. Levins. Call 508-435-0118 or 888-333-9501.

If, as an individual or business taxpayer, you disagree with the IRS regarding your tax liability, you have a right to request an appeals hearing or to file a tax court petition to review your case.

Our firm can prepare your case and present it for you, using over three decades of tax controversy and tax dispute experience in strategizing for clients. We have successfully suspended collection enforcement actions and negotiated tax liability amounts for hundreds of clients following disputes regarding income, deductions and other complicated tax issues. For a no-obligation, confidential consultation regarding your tax controversy and tax dispute, please contact our firm.

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