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Lawyer There For You During IRS Tax Audits

Has the IRS informed you of a pending audit? Does the IRS suspect you of tax fraud? Are you concerned that you may need to serve time in jail?

The IRS has vast powers to investigate your finances and to recommend cases for criminal prosecution based on alleged findings of tax crimes. You do, however, have options during the audit process. Often, the best option is to work with an experienced tax attorney who can negotiate with the IRS and present your situation in the best possible light.

Tax law attorney Gerard Levins of Levins Tax Law, LLC, has the experience and expertise as a tax attorney, a former IRS agent and a former practicing CPA. This includes handling IRS tax audits for over 36 years. Our firm:

  • Is highly qualified to defend you against the IRS
  • Has a long track record of negotiating settlements with the IRS during audits

How We Protect Clients' Rights In Tax Audit Disputes

On the surface it looks like the IRS has one goal — to uncover all infractions in an effort to make taxpayers pay additional taxes, interest and penalties. This surface perception, though, is an illusion.

As a former IRS agent, tax attorney Levins understands the subtle motives of the IRS investigators. By preparing cases thoroughly and respectfully negotiating with IRS agents, we have successfully persuaded agents that our clients did not commit fraud.

We will combine a delicate handling of your case with strategic steps based on more than 36 years of tax controversy and tax dispute experience. For instance:

  • There may be an understandable reason why your taxes were filed incorrectly. Even evidence of a personal gambling problem may lead to IRS leniency. We will work to identify and present all information and evidence that may lead to an IRS settlement.
  • The jurisdiction of the IRS is not boundless. By moving your case to tax court, we can shield you from the IRS, then work to settle your case in the court.
  • The IRS appreciates honesty. Frankness regarding errors or regarding unreported income often leads to a lesser penalty.

Even if you currently work with an accountant or other tax professional, it makes sense to work with an experienced tax attorney. Why? 1) An accountant likely does not have experience in negotiating with the IRS, and 2) all your communications with your accountant will not be protected by the attorney/client privilege. Your accountant, then, can be summoned to testify against you. An attorney cannot.

Protect your rights by working with an experienced Massachusetts IRS tax audit lawyer during and following a tax audit. For more information and to schedule a no-obligation confidential consultation regarding your tax controversy, contact our firm.

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