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Do you owe past-due taxes to the IRS? Past-due taxes usually cause significant anxiety which in turn can lead to delays, avoidance and increased penalties and interest.

For most delinquent taxpayers, though, a resolution to unpaid taxes is relatively simple. The IRS will usually allow back taxes to be paid in installments that the taxpayer can afford.

Imagine knowing that your money belongs to you and not to the IRS. Imagine knowing that your tax issues are resolved rather than threatening your future. With the help of Levins Tax Law, LLC, you can be free of past-due tax debt in five years or less.

IRS Requirements Regarding Installment Payments

The IRS has different requirements for negotiating installment payments, depending on the amount owed:

  • If you owe under $25,000, you can likely negotiate installments over five years or less. The IRS doesn't require any financial disclosure in these cases, and the amount you pay will be based on the amount you owe.
  • If you owe over $25,000, the amount of your monthly payment will be based more on your ability to pay than on the amount you owe. In these cases, the continual accrual of interest and penalties makes success difficult.

Each process is primarily driven by IRS policies and procedures, and knowledge of the IRS manual is essential. Tax attorney Gerard J. Levins has handled tax controversy and tax dispute cases for more than 36 years as an IRS agent, as a CPA, as a "Big 4" tax partner and as a tax attorney.

Attorney With A Vast Understanding Of IRS Procedures

Attorney Levins can work to negotiate your most advantageous installment plan, and he frequently protects clients' interests by knowing IRS policies and procedures better than IRS agents. In fact, based on his knowledge of the IRS, tax attorney Levins often informs IRS collection representatives what his clients will pay back based on the IRS manual and other relevant rules and regulations. The IRS can rarely effectively dispute attorney Levins' knowledge of tax law.

If your tax debt issues are compounded by credit card debt or other debt, a bankruptcy filing may offer your best debt-reduction and debt-payoff options. For a no-obligation confidential consultation regarding installment agreements, please contact our firm.

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