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An Attorney Helping Eliminate Federal Tax Liens

Federal tax liens are put in place against homes, businesses and other property when taxes are unpaid. Individuals and businesses facing a federal tax lien can address the issue before the lien leads to further problems, such as delaying a property sale or other transaction that is affected by the tax lien.

Tax lawyer Gerard J. Levins of Levins Tax Law, LLC, has over three decades of tax and tax law experience, including experience as:

  • An IRS agent
  • A practicing CPA
  • A "Big 4" tax partner

Tax attorney Levins' casework and hands-on work experience is complimented by his master's degree in taxation. If you need legal help regarding a federal tax lien of offshore tax concern, please contact us for effective and committed legal assistance.

For federal tax lien help from a tax lawyer with over three decades of tax controversy and tax dispute experience, contact Massachusetts IRS federal tax liens lawyer Gerard J. Levins. Call 508-435-0118 or 888-333-9501.

The Steps We Take In Dealing With Tax Liens

Though it's best to address a federal tax lien as soon as possible, they are most often addressed when they threaten to prevent the refinancing of a home or business loan, or when a property owner wishes to sell a home or business.

We can work effectively to have your federal tax lien released, discharged or subordinated. The IRS is most willing to subordinate a lien when doing so won't hurt its interests.

For instance, would you like to refinance your home to a better interest rate? Though you may initially be unable to do so due to a federal tax lien, the IRS will likely agree to subordinate the lien to allow the refinance because its interests would not be damaged.

We can gather all relevant financial and legal documents, review HUD statements and take other steps needed to present your request for a resolution to the IRS, and represent you in all communications and hearings. Our representation has allowed numerous individuals and businesses to get federal tax liens released, discharged or subordinated. For more information and to schedule a no-obligation confidential consultation regarding federal tax liens, please contact our firm.

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