Over 36 Years of Experience handling tax controversies & tax disputes

Boston Tax Law Attorney Video

Video Transcript

ATTORNEY GERARD LEVINS: I've been handling tax resolutions for more than 30 years. I started my career with the IRS in 1979. Then I moved out to the private sector with Price, Waterhouse in Philadelphia. Then I came up to the Boston area with Ernst & Young. In the early '90s I decided to open my own firm and strictly concentrate in the tax controversy/tax resolution arena.

With my background as a practicing CPA, a former partner with a big four accounting firm, masters degree in taxation, and a law degree, each client that calls me or comes into my office gets the benefit of everything I have done for 30 years. It could be as simple as a collection notice, an IRS notice that you just have to send something to the IRS, all the way up to complicated civil matters as well as criminal tax matters.

The key that motivates me is every day I wake up is a challenge, especially with the tax laws. I love negotiating with the IRS. I love the challenge. And bottom line is I really enjoy helping taxpayers.