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Boston IRS Tax Amnesty Attorney Video

Video Transcript

ATTORNEY GERARD LEVINS: The IRS doesn't really have a formal tax amnesty program except for the offshore imitative that they came out with in February 2011, which was the second offshore voluntary disclosure program, primarily dealing with individuals and businesses that have offshore unreported foreign accounts.

Aside from that, the IRS doesn't really have a formalized tax amnesty program but the IRS offers several options to tax payers, which allow them to have taxes forgiven or reduced: offers in compromise, partial pay installment agreements, having your account deemed currently non-collectable, or going in for abatement of interest and penalties.

The reason that a tax payer hires my firm is that we one stop shopping here and we can handle something as simple as a collection notice, an inquiry from the IRS looking for a tax return, all the way up to complicated collection matters and complicated audit matters. The client knows that he or she is getting the best possible service so having 30+ years of experience and having seen everything is very beneficial to a tax payer.